Although we sell natural stone, and hardscaping elements, you will note that our staff is passionate enough about our industry and value oriented outcomes that are best suited for your overall enjoyment and return on your investment. Therefore we are always going to include into our consultations with you, products well outside of what we inventory or sell, and at least flirt with other materials that will make even our products shine!

While your preparing your designs this season, be sure to give some considering to all materials and elements, which are complimentary by nature!

WOOD – incorporating wood into a landscape project can alter the mood and feel of any project. Build a rustic country style structure or a modern contemporary design made of wood! You just need to get creative and make that the structure is complimentary to the existing environment and sums up your personal design style and lifestyle in general!

STONE – introduce some of the world’s most sought after sandstones, granite, limestone and basalt from our yard to naturalize and highlight your interior and/or exterior projects! Stone adds weight, can add texture, and has so many practical uses that can be very aesthetically pleasing.

GREENERY – be sure to add plants to your landscape and spice up your seasonal interest! Watch your property value grow, improve your ecological footprint and maximize the use of your property through green space! Planting is very strategic so be sure to understand your space, have a long term vision for the growth of the plants, and ask enough questions to guide you to making the right decision. Plants add dimension and soften all other elements, offering the coziness and warmth of any outdoor living space. Master this portion of your project and enjoy your room for years to come!

METAL – integrating metal within a project can add so much personal character and uniqueness to your living space. Metal finishes and fabrication flexibilities allow you to meet any character or design style. Don’t go overboard, but consider this element in some part of your landscape. Again, you just need to get Creative!

LIGHTING – Paint your property with landscape lighting! There is no easier or cost effective way to transform a landscape with such an impact as landscape lighting! We all see those few homes that are actually well lit at night, and those homes offer a very warm and elegant setting in the evenings and at night. Don’t forget to plan for the wiring and locations of all lighting during the excavation and dirty stages of your entire landscape!

ACCENTS – we have so many options available in this market. Leave space in your design for urns, garden ornaments, benches, vases, outdoor firebowls, and stone lighting. These accents make a landscape complete! Visit us to start your hunt, and have fun in this portion of the project!

WATER – water features don’t have to be large, expensive, and landed with maintenance. Todays trends are smaller gurgling stones that offer the sound and touch of water within any landscape design and space. Considering the element of water when designing!

We love sharing ideas, and thats what its all about when designing a valuable space like your landscape. Visit us or even call to discuss your project, and be sure your in love with your landscape design before wasting time and money on something sub-par or which may not meet your highest standards! 🙂

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