Precast interlocking paving stones and Wallstones have been the choice for hardscape surfaces for hundreds of years. Most exterior investments around our homes involved the comparison of precast pavings systems, vs concrete or often asphalt options. For those within the industry the benefits are easy to understand, yet sharing this information for those who are not experienced with the product options, yet are dishing out the funds is crucial!

Considering our local climate and seasons is the most important factor in this discussion. Canadian winters are famous for the aggressive weather conditions and shifting of the earth and structures as they expand and contract in varying months of the year. Here in Southern Ontario, we experience the same long and cold winter months, and wet springs, which cause a lot of movement in the earth and our landscapes. Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, and our surrounding area is not different. We have wonderful landscapes, and they generally come with a handsome investment, which should therefore be protected at all costs, so we see a return of value and enjoyment.

Whether you’re looking to install a new driveway, walkway, patio, or front porch area, the benefits and values of all paving or hardscape options are consistent.  Lets get right into the benefits and and facts regarding interlocking paving options, while comparing them to other hardscape options;


1) Permeable

When rain lands on an impermeable surface, like concrete or asphalt, it runs off and is diverted through curbs, culverts and storm drains. It not only carries with it oil, grease and other harmful chemicals, but can also cause flooding due to overloaded storm systems. Not the ideal solution.

Interlocking brick pavers, on the other hand, are the ecological choice when it comes to storm water runoff. According to the ICPI, they’re proven to reduce runoff by up to 100%.

Pavers are a permeable surface that allows water to naturally infiltrate into the ground. Plus, they effectively trap suspended solids, process nutrients and oils and immobilize heavy metals.

2) Strength & Precision

Unlike concrete or asphalt, paving stones are manufactured in a specially designed, carefully controlled environment. Each stone is of consistent strength and quality, and installation is not affected by time or temperature. This reduces the amount of time and energy spent on dealing with material failure, especially when compared to site-formed pavements and concretes.

Fine granite aggregates create superior density compared to the sub-grade course limestone used in competing products. Results in a finished product with much higher density, lower absorption and incredible structural integrity for quality that lasts a lifetime. Natural beauty reproduced in our own modern concrete products to offer you beauty that is precise, colour tones that are stable and pieces that are dimensionally consistent for superior installation.

3) Cost 

Interlocking paving systems are generally 10-15% more expensive then groomed finish or smooth poured concrete, yet very comparable to more popular concrete stamped finishes. Interlocking is normally a bit less expensive then exposed aggregate concrete surfaces. 

However, regardless of upfront cost, the long-term financial benefits are obvious. With less maintenance cost as written below in more detail, and cheaper replacement or fixture costs, Precast options are the better long-term investment. Less sealers, cleaners, washing, and time is therefore needed for interlocking areas vs concrete. Most importantly, interlocking pavers or wallstone will not crack – yet concrete or asphalt will. Eventually in our climate, cracks will occur. This means that to replace the visual damage, the entire slab or surface will need to be replaced. Yet with interlocking or wallstone products, just the localized damaged area can be picked up and relayed. In a wallstone application, just take apart the wall, and reassemble it with new adhesives etc.

4) Low Maintenance 

Precast Interlocking brick pavers & wallstone are very low in maintenance. They require less energy and resources over their life cycle then concrete or asphalt.

Plus, if a brick is damaged or stained by oil or any other chemical or natural occurrence, there’s no need to redo the entire surface area. All you have to do is replace the stained brick or immediate damaged area. It’s quick, easy and conserves the use of raw materials. In other words, it’s an environmentally sound repair.

5) Reduce Albedo

Conventional pavements, including concrete and asphalt, can get incredibly hot during the summertime. All of the heat is absorbed during the day and slowly released during the night, creating urban heat islands or concentrated areas. And when you combine that with storm water runoff, you’re left with abnormally warm water temperatures and impaired water quality.

Interlocking brick pavers can be made in light colours to increase surface reflection, thereby reducing ambient temperatures. In addition, light-coloured pavers can reduce also the need for nighttime lighting as they naturally reflect better and are more visible in the dark, thereby conserving electricity, or at minimum increasing safety.

6) Safety

Pavers are very safe pavement material for outdoor applications. When the top surface of paver is oily due to the passing of vehicle over them, it is very safe to walk and drive a vehicle over them.

It is also safe when the top surface of the interlocking paver block is wet or in monsoon season, there is no problem for walking or no tension of slipping over them.

Interlocking pavers are slip resistant and skid resistant.

7) Design & Style

We left this one for last, as it requires some attention, detail, and full explanation so that your outcome is inspirational and drawing!

Present your character and personal preferences in your hardscape surface. Do so by digging into the vast array of interlocking paving & wallstone options in the market. While concrete offers some colour options and a few finishes, and asphalt a standard charcoal colour only, precast pavers are available in multiple colours, textures, sizes, and shapes. The variety of pavers available make it easy to match other local materials on your home or surrounding elements, create continuity on your property, and showcase creativity and styles. Play with patterns and multiple interlocking stones to create your overall masterpiece!

There’s nothing in the world that compares with the beauty of the great outdoors, but with a bit of imagination and some earthy inspiration, you can kindle a spark of that one-of-a-kind grandeur right in your own backyard. When paying homage to nature’s finest elements, texture is king. Rough-hewn finishes convey a raw beauty that’s complemented by sculpted stones and remarkably wood lookalike textures. An earth-toned palette feels warm, welcoming and timeless, and gives the collection of textures free reign to run a little wild.

Here are the 4 design styles that are trending now:


Nothing embodies rustic like the raw texture of wood. Our  Borealis concrete patio stone pushes the envelope on traditional landscapes by capturing the look & feel of real wood without the inevitable rotting effect. Building kitchen features like open-air grill islands, counters and pizza ovens with textured wall blocks that build better than natural stone, lets you entertain family and friends all summer long, for years to come. Nestling an outdoor kitchen amid greenery creates the ultimate rustic outdoor setting.

Hang a welcome sign of a different kind with a standout paving treatment that adds value to your home. Doing so will create a warm welcome, add a touch of rustic charm to your front path and boost curb appeal. Wood’s good but with maintenance-free Borealis slab you can bet on a wood-like look that stands the test of time.  

Summers may be short but the days are long. Extend them even further and by building  a magical, multi-season outdoor living space for entertaining at its best. Be sure to include plenty of lounge seating with comfy couches and an oversized, stone fireplace for a stunning focal point. Add soft lighting and a natural, wood privacy wall for the ultimate cozy setting.

Sharing the warm beauty of dining outdoors among friends and family is best served with a side of nature’s more neutral tones. Think soft and muted-coloured stones that emulate the great outdoors and are evocative of Mother Nature’s earthiest masterpieces. Create cozy, one-of-a-kind summer nights spent dining alfresco with family nestled in rustic charm.

After a spectacular summer’s day, there’s something so magical about cozying up outdoors with loved ones around an open fire. Paired with plenty of stunning stone and Adirondack-style seating, the stage is set for a night of storytelling and S’mores.

Create an outdoor playground that embraces a flow and functionality that invites relaxed entertaining without compromising that wow-factor.  Warm and welcoming with just a touch of sleek edginess has never looked this good. The key to modern, rustic charm is in the details; smooth, uncluttered textures, light and natural colour palettes and plenty of gorgeous elements to enjoy your exterior space.


If clutter free visual bliss is calling you, we’ve got you covered. Contemporary outdoor living takes a controlled and minimalistic approach with clean lines, smooth poolside surfaces and a monochromatic palette. Loungey, chic and sophisticated, the uncluttered, expansive space makes room for all the right vibes. It’s pretty simple, really; really simple is pretty. Minimalists would agree, clutter-free visual bliss is what they strive for with clean lines, subdued coloUrs and just the right contrasts in all the right places, making these kinds of landscapes an almost soulful experience. Sense how monochromatic tones calm the mind, and contrasts stir up a little something in the soul? Reach out and touch me smooth textures ground us in the knowledge that sleek and simple can still spark the senses, while fluid lines and balanced forms leave negative spaces positively glowing.

Outdoor living at its most, modern and sleek best. To go big or to go long; why choose? Both capture a modern, clean look. Whether you desire oversized slabs or lean, linear pavers paired with barely their seams, you’ll create visual interest. Keeping it uncluttered lets you create a breathtaking backyard outfitted with pristine and polished features like water walls, and sleek fire pits for stunning focal points.

Ready to get creative with your outdoor world? Our varied range of retaining wall options inspires you to reach for the sky. Build raised patios, integrated outdoor staircases and levels of planter walls also building visual interest. For a more modern take, go for a three-dimensional Graphix stone wall by Techo-Bloc to keep both your eye and your inspiration on the move. You can be sure the compliments will start stacking up in no time.

When it comes to outdoor living, you favour a sleek, polished look. Feature oversized, ultra-smooth pavers as your backyard centrefold. Just when everything starts to feel a little square and one-dimensional, bring it full circle with contrasting and coloured river rocks, giving every area it crosses its very own sense of purpose.

Ready to trade in a traditional country outdoor fire pit for a sleek and edgy experience? Dare to go square with clean, contemporary lines and contrasting colours. The modern host knows no bounds when it comes to mixing ultra-modern features like luxe seating, structured shrubbery and understated elegance for modern-day entertaining.

Seeking inspiration for your own swanky rooftop patio? Rooftop wows are now even more impressive when traditional wood is substituted for a concrete version that’s a little more savvy. The Borealis outdoor slab collection has all the beauty and charm of wood, in a durable warp-free concrete patio stone. Create a contemporary, modern look that is on-trend and does not compromise the outdoor, fresh-airy feeling.


The grandeur and allure of an traditional backyard is not lost on you; find out how to create your own version of a classic and polished outdoor living space. Walkways, patios and pools are paved with an effortless elegance, and surrounded by natural beauty.

Timeless beauty at its best. At the heart of it all, traditionalism is about embracing an orderly and classic sensibility. It’s about honouring the past without compromising comfort, warmth, and, yes, style. Conservative colour choices, subdued textures and staple backyard style ensure your great outdoors will stand the test of time.

Beige doesn’t have to be so beige! It’s plain to see how easy it can be to embrace the beauty of beige. Treated with a keen eye and a wink towards tasteful accessorizing, off-white clearly feels anything but vanilla. It’s the sublimely neutral canvas that gives the décor connoisseurs carte blanche to introduce, edit and change every other accessory and furnishing, should the mood strike. Go ahead and get a little creative with accentuating features – with dreamy cream as your base, you’ll never feel weighed down.

When dreams for your own outdoor getaway outsize the size of your backyard, don’t despair; it is possible to turn your patio into the perfect place for living large. Using smaller cobblestone-like pavers amongst larger stone slabs will give patios the illusion of space and help create distinct functionalities. Creatively choose features scaled to size, such as a garden fountain as a water-feature and a curtained pergola for added privacy to nestle in all summer long.

The English Garden creates the ideal balance between carefree greenery and stately traditionalism. It’s all about creating formal spaces that are also fully functional. Using stones that mimic the veining of natural slate alongside blooming flower beds brings to life the quintessential elegant and classic landscape.

Set the scene for outdoor dining all season long and get the most out of your backyard. Multi-level living areas that combine an upper cooking space with lower-level lounging create the perfect setting for relaxed outdoor dining. Nestling the open-air kitchen area close to the house is an ideal location for ease of use and ensures you don’t miss a moment with your guests.  

Extend the summer months by giving your guests something warm and cozy to gather around. A classic round fireplace transcends time and remains forever a staple focal point for creating a traditional and elegant outdoor entertainment area. Sit pretty with friends and family with ample seating and soft cushions flanked around a classic and circular stone fireplace.  


Set the stage for a perfect summer escape right in your own backyard. An eclectic & exotic-themed outdoor living space share the same style secret: the desire to escape.

If you’re going to go bold, go all the way. It’s called maximalism and the motto is, “more is more”. High-contrast shades and shapes satisfy a penchant for audacity and an eye for the adorned. Checkerboard-style layouts act as flashy foundations that invite polished, smooth and chiselled textures to meet and mingle at the black-tie-optional party. Or perhaps your thoughts lean more towards salty oceans and sandy beaches? Surround yourself amongst beach-sand textures and soft, natural shades. Whether your dream getaway is in the south of France or a desert island, your backyard reality awaits you.

Nothing conjures up a perfect tropical patio quite like turquoise water, vibrant flora and striking stones inspired straight out of ancient South American landscapes. Tropical greenery provides the perfect shade to lounge alongside a sun-drenched pool, completing that cool, island vibe. Margaritas optional.

Turn your summer vacation into a staycation and create your own coastal right-in-your-own backyard getaway. Hang tight and hang out in your own cool and coastal sanctuary, complete with ocean-inspired slabs, designed to be slip-resistant and kinder to the feet under the hot summer rays. Set up some nautical-themed lounge seating so you can soak up the sunsets.

Warm up your outdoor space and bask in desert and dune-inspired outdoor décor. Weave southern elements into the landscape; rock garden browns and sun-bleached greys as outdoor flooring blend beautifully into rich, sunset hues. Don’t let a small space deter you from creating your own, private R&R retreat; pretty it up with stunning succulents, wicker seating and vibrant wall features.

You start your day with a steamy cappuccino, and end it gathered around the dinner table, family-style. You surround yourself with textures, patterns and contrasts inspired from European style villas. The charm of cobblestones brings you one step closer to  the Mediterranean aesthetic you crave. Go bold or go home with this modern take on a classic cobblestone.

Sometimes the best things really do come in small packages. Turn a small backyard into the chicest little courtyard. Keep it intimate with an eye-catching privacy wall for visual interest, stunning water features and gorgeous, lush flower beds. Add a sophisticated bistro set for the ultimate reading corner on intimate outdoor dining area.


Interlocking Paving Stone & Wallstone Checklist:

Now that we are reviewed the benefits of interlocking products vs other hardscape surfaces, lets ensure you are ready for the entirety of a project. Like any interior or exterior home or office renovation, there are many additional items and accessories required for a proper, professional installation. Our goal is to ensure that you purchase the correct materials, and the highest qualities materials that exist in the landscape industry. This assures a quality driven project, with long lasting results, and eliminates the opportunity for error. Below, we have highlighted the materials that should accompany your interlocking purchase:

  1. Delivery – of all of your material to prevent complication
  2. Geotextile / filter cloth / landscape fabric – to canvas or wrap the excavated area
  3. A-Gravel – for a minim um 8” compacted sub-base under the bedding layer
  4. #2 Sand or HBP – for the or bedding layer directly under the paver
  5. Adhesive – for any application where the pavers or wallstones must be glued together
  6. Edge Restraint – an edge restraint that support the outside of the pavers 
  7. Spikes – 10” non-galvanized spikes for the edge restraint
  8. Polymeric Stabilizer Sand – a bonding sweeping sand to fill the joints of the pavers
  9. Sealer – that is best suited for your stone and aesthetic preference


we of course have a fleet of unique trucks and equipment that allow us to delivery product anywhere in southern ontario, and on a regular basis. Our delivery zone focuses on the following markets, yet is not limited to:

•Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Cambridge, Elmira, St. Jacobs, Hawksville, Conestogo, Listowel, Elora, Fergus, Arthur, Erin, New Hamburg, Baden, Wellesley, Plattsville, Ayr, Ariss, Maryhill, Rockwood, Aberfoyle, Puslinch, Belwood, Stratford, St. Marys, Mitchel, New Dundee, Mannheim, Morriston, Hespler, Preston, Haysville, St. Agatha, Petersburg, St. Clements, Heidelberg, Linwood, Flordale, Bloomingdale, Roseville, Winterbourne, West Montrose, Edin Mills, Halton Hills, Acton, Georgetown

•For the most part, our delivery system travels all of Wellington, Brant, Woolwich, Waterloo, Wilmot County, Brampton, Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Toronto, and the entire GTA

Our Collection – What We Carry And Promote

We carry only the industries best as we aim to participate in leading outcomes and professional results. Our product line consists of the following Brands & their products:

Best Way Stone 

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We support DIY installation, and home owners taking the initiative to install their own hardscape area. However, we highly recommend the use of an industry professional to help design and install the product, to protect your investment and offer a warranty for long-term security and pro results. Please visit our CREATIVEpro platform online to view our list of CREATIVEpro’s and those who we recommend for great outcomes!

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