Professionals are of the belief that in 2017 there will be a stronger move towards fire within landscape designs! This landscape element is here to stay, and the simplicity of plug and play fire pits are evermore attractive to those with less time, seeking greater convenience and no ash and embers to clean up.


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Those who truly want to enjoy their landscape investment should consider a fire feature, as the ambiance of space is enhanced two-fold, therefore offering volumes of value to your investment!

Fire pits are more popular than ever and there is a proliferation of them available at CREATIVE, including larger wood burning units for outdoor social areas, modern fire bowls for contemporary settings and ease of use, as well as electric wall-mounted units that are extremely energy efficient. We also have Interlocking stone modules that piece together with custom burners and pans, that offer amazing flames with a strong source of heat!

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Benefits of CREATIVE Fire Units 

•increases your homes value and adds stronger curb appeal

•can warm up your outdoor space for use in the fall and even winter months

•enhanced ambiance within your landscape

•wonderful space for relaxing, or enjoying with family and friends

•some fire units allow for cooking over a grill

•customize and add personal character to your landscape

•a full range of price options exist

Natural Landscape Group
Natural Landscape Group

On a personal note, this past summer my wife and I incorporated a modern fire bowl on our new cottage’s old and weathered outdoor patio. From the first moment we turned on the propane and lit the burner we were immediately at home!

Theres something to be said about the colour of fire, the movements of the flames, and the shadows that are projected in the surrounding area. Subtly said, theres just an ambiance of warmth, and an excitement to be present when the fire place is lit and family is conversing!

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Adding Fire was the easiest and most valuable part of our landscape to date, and we would recommend exploring the many options to everyone!

Visit our location and team for all fire options!

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