Complete your garden with one of our natural Canadian mulches to give a clean professional finish to your landscape, enhance moisture retention in your gardens, and to increase weed suppression.

Mulch adds moisture to your garden and enriches the soil

mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of soil. Reasons for applying mulch include conservation of soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.


Nothing adds to the splendour of a healthy, well manicured lawn like a beautifully mulched garden bed. The best thing about mulch is it promotes healthy plant growth. A base of 2-3 inches of shredded mulch around your plants and under your shrubs adds organic matter to the soil which is vital to healthy plant growth.

Organic mulches improve the condition of the soil. As these mulches slowly decompose, they provide organic matter which helps keep the soil loose. This improves root growth, increases the infiltration of water, and also improves the water-holding capacity of the soil.

Organic matter is a source of plant nutrients and provides an ideal environment for earthworms and other beneficial soil organisms.

When To Mulch Your Garden

Apply mulch when the weather gets warm. Don’t put mulch down too early in the spring. Give the soil a chance to warm up. Mulching to early will actually slowdown the warming process.

Mid to late spring is the best time to apply mulch. Here in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, we recommend the ladder month of May, or June to buy your mulch and applying it throughout your landscape.

Our CREATIVE mulch selection offers all colour options. We carry:

  • Shredded Pine Mulch (reddish brown in colour, aging to dark brown/black. Made from freshly ground pine bark. Gives a fresh pine aroma)
  • Enhanced Black Beauty Mulch (coloured mulch processed from hardwood substrates. Ground to a uniform, fibrous texture)
  • Auburn Mulch (burgundy in colour enhanced pine processed from freshly ground bark – uniform in texture and possessing a fresh pine aroma)
  • Hemlock Mulch
  • Red Mulch (colour enhanced freshly ground cedar)
  • Classic Cedar Mulch (freshly ground white cedar bark releasing a strong cedar aroma. Golden brown colour that greys with age)
  • Playground Mulch (engineered from a mixture of debarked wood straight from the sawmill. The ratio of small to medium and large size particles has been optimized to provide the maximum impact attenuation. While soft enough to be safe, properly installed, playground mulch is also firm enough to be accessible for persons  with special mobility needs)
  • Mocha Mulch (chocolate brown in colour and processed from hardwood substrates. Ground to a uniform, fibrous texture)
  • Composted Pine Mulch (CPM) (pine mulch that has been fully composted in a managed process. Chocolate brown/black in colour, giving a rich soil like appearance)
  • Cedar Gold Mulch
  • Economy Bark Mulch
  • All Season Pines Mulch (red pine bark, brownish tan colour ages too dark)
  • Jackson Hardwood Blend Mulch (processed from fresh hardwood bark. Dark brown colour ages grey)
  • Custom Mulch blends
  • Fine Pine Mulch (the same as shredded pine, yet double ground, offering a smoother coverage and easier decomposition into the soil)
Mulch for sale at our depot and pricing when you buy in bulk

13 Benefits of Mulch

•moderates extremes in temperature 

•conserves moisture 

• soil aggregation is improved, granulation, and overall soil quality

•prevents erosion

•controls weeds 

• provides habitat and sustenance for beneficial soil organisms

•prevents soil compaction and improves aeration

•Allows air and water penetration into the root zone

• improves the efficiency by which plants take up fertilizers

•aesthetically pleasing by adding texture and colour

•makes surface areas more usable for paths, play and sitting areas 

•makes landscaped areas easier to maintain

•helps provide unity among a group of planting beds

Common Mulching Mistakes

  • avoid mulch “volcanoes,” created by heaping mulch around the base of the tree. Mulch must be tapered away from the trunk of trees before applying mulch at the recommended depth of 3”. Deep application of mulch surrounding tree trunks encourages rotting of the cambium or bark of the tree.
  • excessive mulching and heaping mounds can pull feeder roots to the surface, which stresses the plant during periods of extreme weather conditions. Spread mulch more evenly to the standard recommended depth of 3”.
  • plastic and fabric weed barriers negate the organic benefits of wood mulch that encourages a native environment. Wood particles provide aeration and reduces soil compaction, while returning carbon into the planting bed. Barriers do not allow rain or irrigation water to penetrate to the rot zone, and it also may slow oxygen exchange to the roots


Depending on the application or the project you plan to build, will depend on which soil you will want to use. At CREATIVE, we carry all of the necessary soils, soil amendments, and composts to build and protect your landscapes.  It is important to note that our soil collection is all inventoried in dry conditions, and is protected from the weather and elements at all times under our covered bin system. This allows clients to handle the product in a cleaner and fashion, and with a better condition for new beds and plantings.

Screened Topsoil – can be used to level potholes or dips in the ground to create a level surface. Screened topsoil is also used to create new garden beds, borders, or to provide a base for turf laying or planting grass seed. Topsoil can be used in raised beds for growing many plants, including vegetables, yet this application may require that it be blended with a soil amendment or compost to enrich the organic matter and porosity for proper water and air circulation.

Triple Mix Garden Soil – is generally mixed with 1/3 top soil, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 compost. Each batch of triple mix may have a different ratio of those three ingredients, yet a couple percentage points off of any will not effect healthy growth of all plants. Triple mix is recognized as good gardening soil. We recommend all new garden beds be built using our triple mix, and to increase its organic matter and softer texture, we would also recommend adding some of our gro-max soil amendment to the blend. This would increase the organic matter, and porosity one level richer for even healthier plant growth, and longer-term success.

Gro-Max – the best product for container or planter gardening, which has many forms and requires a light-weight, porous soil.  Plants in patio pots and raised beds need plenty of water but that water needs to drain and be replaced by oxygen.  Roots require an active biotic ecology but the manicured style of most container gardens means that is not going to come from fallen leaves and trees. Fortunately, nearly all the ingredients in Gro-Max are composted and that process kills weed seeds but generates a wide spectrum of microbes for soil health. Large trees need a heavier soil to hold them upright but Gro-Max has been used successfully to grow all other plant material. The high organic content means that nitrogen is slow to release over many years so high feeders like veggie plants will need to be fertilized annually. We also recommend the Gro-Max be used as a soil amendment, by adding the right quantity into your existing gardens which may be compact, and depleted of its organic matter and nutrients.

Topdress – organic topdress blend is used to maintain healthy turf conditions. Topdress promoted that existing grass roots itself into bare areas and spreads thicker in turf areas. It is also used annually for overseeing and topdressing lawns. We recommend to top dress your lawn each spring, by applying 1/2” of topdress material, along with the right blend of grass seed for your property and the local conditions. 

The best practice for maintaining a healthy lawn starts in the spring; we recommend:

  1. Rake lawn by hand, or with a dethatcher,  focusing on removing any dead thatch
  2. Aerate to help combat soil compaction
  3. Over seed your lawn, and cap with a half inch of our CREATIVE top dress material


Decorative Stone is a permanent landscape solution that brings a clean and fresh look in any landscape design. Stone mulches will enhance raised landscape beds, tree wells, patio edging, pathways and perennial beds. Decorative stone is also great for filling urns whether indoor our out, and used for decorative interior designs such as filling vases or bowls. Adding   the colour and texture of stone indoors creates a wonderful atmosphere and ambience! When properly installed using our edging and landscape fabric, your decorative stone will give lasting beauty year after year. The aesthetic and functional use of stone mulch will save you the yearly cost of mulching with wood mulches.

Here is a list of decorative stone Benefits:

  • retains soil moisture in gardens
  • prevents weed growth 
  • enhances drainage
  • prevents erosion of soil and other plant material
  • do not attract insects or harbour weed seeds
  • does not blow away, rot, or change colour
  • easy maintenance of garden beds
  • available in many colours, sizes, textures
  • adds accent colours to overall landscape designs

Southern Ontario, and the Kitchener-Waterloo region has really adopted a landscape style including many decorative stone and stone landscape products. Below is a list of the many CREATIVE decorative stone materials we have in stock or available by custom order. Please note that we have a large collection of heat-treated fire stones, and glass pebbles and beads for fire features.


Barn Red

Beauty Drive Brick Chips (terracotta colour / crushed brick)

Beechwood Pebbles

Black Granite (15% pink)

Black Lava

Red Lava

Black Mica

Red Mica

Green Mica

Brown Marble


Ebony Black Granite

Indian Sunrise

Mocha Marble


Pink Quartz

Red Granite

Terrastone Brick Chips (terracotta colour / crushed brick)


Walnut Nuggets

Walnut Pebbles

Western Sunrise

White Dolomite Marble

White Marble

Granite River Rock

Natural River Rock

Petal Pink River Rock

Granite Boulders


Polished Yellow Pebbles

Semi Polished Off White Pebbles

Matte White Pebbles

Polished White Pebbles

Polished Red Pebbles

Highly Polished Red Pebbles

Polished Black Pebbles

Highly Polished Black Pebbles

Navajo Skippers

Mexican Beach Pebble Tan

Mexican Beach Pebble Black

Semi Polished Slate Black

Polished Mixed Pebble

Semi Polished Beige

Riverside Brown

Riverside GreenRiverbed Harvest

Riverbed Rainbow

Our final comments for professional landscape ground cover projects comes to you from our entire Creative Landscape Depot team. Please call us at 519-664-0225, email us at, visit us online at, or visit us at 1175 King Street North, St. Jacobs, Ontario, to view our materials in person, and to full understand sizing, texture, and true colour of stone. We would also like to discuss the potential use of landscape fabric (filter cloth), edging materials for diving unique products and prevent contamination, as well as other accessories that may be required or must be considered before all landscape investments and the hard work that entails!

Thank you for reading – we sure hope you found some value within this article and notes.


Where To Buy Mulch In Kitchener-Waterloo

At Creative Landscape Depot, we deliver all Ground & Bed covers in small portable bags, 1-cubic yard bulk bags (tote bags), as well as bulk. Our fleet of delivery trucks offer the capability to haul whatever quantity requested by our clients, and we have the means of offloading in tighter areas where access is difficult with large trucks. Our dump truck beds are equipped with split-box capabilities, which means we can haul 2 unique products at one time. In those deliveries we can also include bagged product, accessories, or other small items to maximize the delivery cost.

Our delivery system will delivery product anywhere in southern ontario, and on a regular daily basis focuses on the following markets, (yet not limited to):






•St. Jacobs








•New Hamburg











•all of Wellington, Brant, Woolwich, Waterloo, Wilmot County, Brampton, Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Toronto, and the entire GTA

For the majority of all landscape designs, we recommend a a balance of hardscape or stone products, mulches, decorative stones, accents, wood structures, and potentially water or fire features to produce the perfect ambiance and landscape setting. A stone landscape can be cold and uninviting, so be sure to include soft-scape materials, and other features. Stone landscapes can be the heaviest portion of any work to be completed, yet the soft-scaping needs to be properly considered in order to balance out the stone or pre-cast products.